Welcoming Fall



Ryan left for school about a month ago, and the process of turning his room into an office/library is well underway! I am so thrilled with how it’s going! I’ll post photos of it once it’s finished to my satisfaction. Can. Not. Wait. I’ve always wanted to change the lighting fixtures that are in his room and install some new ___lights, which will complement the rest of the house’s décor quite nicely.

So I’ve started to welcome in fall! I’ve been decorating my home with items in all sorts of browns, reds, yellows, oranges, greens, off-whites, etc. Fall really is my favorite time of year. You should see all the beautiful colors of fall leaves surrounding my house! It is nothing short of breathtaking.

It’s nearly time for pumpkin everything! I love making and eating pumpkin bread, especially with some added chocolate chips. I also make scrumptious pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies. I’ll have to share the recipe with you on here once I have some ready.

Well, that’s it for this update. I’m loving decorating for autumn and I love how my office space is coming along.

Stay tuned!