What’s an empty-nester to do?

As you already know, my youngest boy, Ryan, is heading off to college in August. I am so proud of him; though lately the knowledge that I’ll be alone in this house admittedly has me feeling a bit blue. I know I have a ton of new renovations in mind, I want to turn my house into a ___. I want to put up  tons of ___ lighting, but now I’m starting to wonder what I’m going to do after I renovate the house and put up all this ___lighting. I’m going to be living in this huge, newly remodeled house, with all these ___ lighting fixtures, and for what? For me? I’m just over five feet tall and 125 pounds. I don’t need all that space to myself.

I was excited for a while, with all the new ideas about renovation in mind. However, it doesn’t change the fact that I’ll be a 50-something year old single woman with a grand ol’ house. Perhaps it isn’t all bad. After all, there’ll be no one to tell me what I can and cannot do. My ex-husband was a completely intolerable pain in the ass. He disliked everything I did for the house. He even hated ___lights! That old loony had to have everything in his own perfect order–he drove me nuts!  Well, enough about him. We’ve been separated a long time, and my life coach told me I have to change my perception of him. He wasn’t all bad, and I guess I wasn’t all that good to him either. Regardless of those negative feelings, I’m glad we had two beautiful boys together.

Speaking of my beautiful boys, Ryan told me the other day that I need to get out and have fun. Ryan, my youngest and the more attached of my two sons, actually said that until now, he’s never felt the need to tell me anything about needing to go out. I was surprised. He even referred me to an 80s music club that has lots of cool lights that I might like. He said he went there the other day, and they had a ___house lighting showroom. Maybe I’ll check it out.

Here are some examples of lights that I might use for my ___ lighting:

chandeliers-1383-Dbarn house lighting